Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Now this...

First it was the Chiefs.

Now, for some reason unbeknownst to me, my Jayhawks are struggling to find wins, losing their third straight game last night (something that had not happened since 1994). I'm not worried so much about the streak...it's just a streak. What I'm worried about is the utter lack of urgency with this team. Well, that and the lack of a true scorer.

Langford could be considered a scorer, but when you are more of a slasher and you go to the line a lot and then MISS YOUR FREE THROWS, that doesn't really help. Simien was shut down by Kevin Bookout and Oklahoma couldn't miss in the first half.

15+ turnovers doesn't help much either.

So what's wrong with the Jayhawks. Self thinks it's the seniors' faults, but I think that the issue is that we still don't have a SOLID lineup that can be put on the floor and not screw up. While it was nice to see Giddens get out of his shooting funk a little bit last night and for Galindo to see some minutes again, both those players are absolute disasters on the defensive end of the floor.

I blame the NBA. No one cares about defense anymore. Except Kelvin Sampson and his Sooners who put the clamps down on the Jayhawks in the first half, thus eliminating their ability to score and destroying their confidence. They couldn't recover and now KU is 0-3 in its last three games.


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