Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Thinking about Wordpress

I am planning on creating a blog for Alli's v3 site. In fact, what I may end up doing is using a CMS for the entire site. If I do that, I'll likely use Moveable Type. It's the largest free CMS out there and from what I've read, it's the most configurable when it comes to photos.

However, if I stay with a Flash-interface with a link to her blog, I might use Wordpress. From what I've heard, it is the easiest to install and configure. Other options? Possibly textpattern, but I doubt it.

Ideas? Brian, I know you use Moveable Type, what's that like?

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weasbri said...

I tried WordPress for a little while when transitioning to a new host. It wasn't bad, but the comment spam was horrible, and I couldn't seem to stop it (I still get hits on the WP comment page that no longer exists on my site :-). So I went back to MT just because I was more familiar with it.
It's nice really. Very customizable, lots of plugins available. The one annoyance is not being able to pick multiple categories for a post, but there are plugins for that too. Movalog.com is a good place to start reading.
My buddy Tony just started using WordPress, so I'll ask him how that's going.
Anyway, I like it, but I don't use it for much special, just your every day blog type stuff. But nearly 800 posts and 400 comments, it's still holding up all right...