Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Finally, a Fletch I can get on board with

I know it's been a while. For the 5 of you out there that read this, greetings from the beyond.

Busy busy lately with the launch of Alli Arnold Art as well as topFIVEdesign. Still playing in my weekly poker game and still losing on bad hands. I would regurgitate last night's, but it's too painful.

Seen a few movies. Hostage is really dark...like a dark Die Hard. Hitch was funny. Predictable, but funny. The NCAA tournament has been abysmal for Jayhawkers like myself. Bucknell? Really? And these so-called "classy" seniors can't manage to shake the hands of the team that flat-out outplayed them? I expected more.

And then there's this. I have complained before about how I think that Jason Lee would have been great, but Zach Braff...he's so hot right now. Hansel. So hot right now. Scrubs is one of my favorite shows and Garden State was a terrific movie, one that should have been more acclaimed than it was last year. At least he won an Independent Spirit award and a Grammy for best Soundtrack. I think he is a rising star in Hollywood and I look forward to all that is coming from him. Would love to see him as Fletch. Or Ryan Reynolds. He would be good too.

UPDATE: Kevin Smith has confirmed that they (Braff and him as well as him and Weinstein) have spoken about it and all are excited about it...I am excited!

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