Friday, March 04, 2005

Television Awesomeness.

Brian says it best here.

JJ Abrams is the new Joss Whedon.

Although I was never a huge fan of Buffy or Angel or those shows, it was hard to deny their popularity or originality. I don't really want to see Jennifer Garner bust out in song like the Buffy musical (although she has sung on the show before), I would be more than happy for Alias to have the longevity that Buffy had over the years.

And LOST. What can you say about LOST. Such a good show. Brings me back to the first season of Alias in its originality. Chills went up my spine at the end of Wednesday's episode. The numbers bring back everything that was awesome about the Rambaldi storyline. While they've abandoned the crazy Italian Prophet this season on Alias somewhat, I expect him to come back in a big way during the second half of the season.

Sark on the loose? Awesome. This show needs more Sark.

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