Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A comment on music

Now, we all know that the RIAA and the music industry is pure unadulterated evil. Their continual persistence to put out crap while treating their artists like dirt and failing to fully embrace the digital music revolution has been well-documented and widely recognized.

But they don't seem to learn.

I'm a huge Coldplay fan. I even stayed up way past my bed time on Saturday just to catch them on Saturday Night Live. One thing I discovered was that their new album is going to be rights-protected when it comes out, virtually making it extremely difficult to put your songs on your iPod. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. If you want to put the songs on your iPod, you can download the album from iTunes (pre-order available now), get a couple exclusive tracks and your music will be iPod-riffic.

Does it really have to be that difficult? Why can't I purchase the CD like I want to and then rip it to my iPod? I just don't understand why we have competing logic here! What is so difficult about this? iPods account for 70% of the mp3 player market, yet with CDs, we want to make sure you CAN'T USE YOUR IPOD.

It's just another example of the industry being out of touch with the consumer.

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