Thursday, July 07, 2005

Happy Anniversary Alli!

5 years ago today, Alli and I pledged our lives to each other. The day was perfect, the service was perfect, everything was perfect (it was a bit hot, but who's complaining?).

Now, 5 years along, my love for my wife grows every day. She is my best friend, the one that I lean on when things are rough, the one I count on for support, and the one that I can't sleep without.

So today, on the 5-year anniversary of our marriage, I dedicate this post to my wife. Here's some stuff about her you might not know:
  1. She is a sucker for a good love story.
  2. If she could have Chipotle every day, she would.
  3. Her love for Chipotle is only eclipsed by her love for chocolate (and me, of course).
  4. She is a talented artist, designer, dancer, friend, sibling, daughter, and wife.
  5. She once had a hole the size of a quarter in her upper lip when she got hit by a golf ball while working as one of those beverage cart girls. Subsequently, the management company now requires all beverage carts to have protective plexiglass (woulda been nice to think of that BEFORE!).
  6. She has been to the hospital TWO consecutive summers for issues that are still not entirely explained to us by doctors.
  7. She can sleep anywhere.
  8. She makes KILLER bean burritos.
  9. She is a semi-vegetarian, but doesn't really like vegetables.
  10. Her favorite type of food is Mexican (without question).
  11. Her favorite artist is Georgia O'Keeffe.
  12. Her favorite musician is Sarah McLachlan.
  13. Her favorite actress is Gwyneth Paltrow.
  14. She was a dancer in high school, college, and professionally...EVEN THOUGH she never had any professional training (she was good, too).
  15. She has beautiful eyes.
  16. She could easily be an interior decorator.
  17. She likes coffee (I hate it), but not necessarily to wake herself's more about the experience of drinking the coffee than it is about the liquid itself.
  18. She has no idea how much I love her.

OK, so that was fun. Now, since it is our 5-year anniversary, I'm going to share 5 of my favorite memories with Alli (in chronological order, not a complete list):
  1. Our Kansas City vacation that we took during finals week at Graceland where I kidnapped you and we went out on the Plaza.
  2. Our kiss after we saw the movie Great Expectations.
  3. Our wedding. As I mentioned before, there's really nothing I would change about that day. It was so wonderful and memorable and five years later, it is still fresh in my mind.
  4. The night we decided to paint the basement at 8p.m. and stayed up late all weekend finishing it. That was fun.
  5. Our trip to Santa Fe ranks very high on the list. What a better way to celebrate our 5-year anniversary than with a terrific relaxing trip!

Happy Anniversary, honey! I love being married to you and I look forward to making many many more memories.

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Anonymous said...

Shane--I remember being at your wedding 5 years ago and after your shared your vows with Alli, I understand that there was a lady in the congregation who said, "If Alli doesn't say yes to that, then I will." You are proving to continue to have a great way with words. I loved it. And I love even more how you care so deeply for my daughter. She is blessed to have you as her husband. Happiness and fulfillment to you both. Tom