Tuesday, December 07, 2004

And he shall be called "Dead Money" no more

Rough poker night last night. In what could have been huge for me in me and my friends' version of the Tournament of Champions, I bluffed at the wrong pot.

My brother brings a friend of his to all of our games and thus far, he hadn't been to impressive. I think he took some umbrage with the fact that I called him "dead money". Well, Chris, dead money you are no longer. Here's the hand:

My hand: J-8 offsuit
My stack: about 1/3 his
The flop: J, 7, 6 rainbow
4th St.: King

At this point is where I went all-in. Chris checked to me and I read him correctly that he did not have the King. Going all-in, I represented it, but he read me correctly and knew I didn't have it either. He had the stack to call (although it was a large call) and he did.

He out-kicked me with his queen. I only had about 10 outs, an 8 to win or a 7 or 6 to split the pot.

River: Nothing. Goodnight Shane.

Stayed and dealt. I was happy to see my brother go out next...that helped me immensely in the Tournament. I was also pleased that "Dead Money" won.

Nice work, Chris.

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