Thursday, December 02, 2004

Just call it a Christmas party!

Tomorrow night is our company "holiday party". Our company tends to go all out for things like this and this year is no exception. We have gotten so large now that we have to hold our event in a ballroom at a hotel vs. having it at a restaurant like we used to.

I realize the desire to be "politically correct" but is there anyone who doesn't consider it a Christmas party? It's the Christmas season, everyone in the country still gets Christmas Day off as a holiday (except the geniuses that work at movie theaters).

Just call it a Christmas party.


Beth said...

Man Shane, 7:50 on a Thursday morning and your writing about what you and I call it, the company Christmas party! Wow, you were ready for it weren't ya. Haha...
But yes, I too agree that it should just be called a Christmas party versus a Holiday party. Everyone knows that it is basically in celebration of the Christmas season so yes, just call it what it is. But the party has come and gone and was a hell of a good time so cheers to looking forward to next year!

Mike D said...

Our company has been boasting about hitting the 1 billion dollar mark in revenue, but NO Christmas-Holiday-Christmakah party. We got One Krispy Kreme donut each as a thanks for hard work. I should have gone to yours. Dang.