Thursday, January 06, 2005

Authorized Personnel Only

If you have yet to get on the Alias train, last night was a great time to hop aboard. Starting with a new department, new storylines, yet keeping the same great characters, the best TV show is off and running with a great story.

Last night’s episode did not disappoint (although it seemed like it had a lot of commercials). From what I heard, it cost them $3.6 million to produce the 2-hour premiere and it was totally worth it.

The beginning was strangely familiar to Phase One of Season Two (the episode after the Super Bowl), but I know that they were trying to get more people to watch the show (which worked…the ratings it received were quite good with the lead-in from Lost). Regardless, the rest of the show was sweet and no episode would be complete without something that is completely out of left field and last night was no different (see: the reason Sydney was crying).

I can’t wait…only another 148 hours until the next episode!

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