Friday, January 14, 2005

In Good Company

In Good Company represents the beginning of the evolution of Topher Grace. The That 70's show star has decided to leave the lucrative sitcom next year and focus on his movie career.

His first significant starring effort, In Good Company, is extremely strong. Scarlett Johanssen is continuing to impress me. While I didn't really like last year's critically acclaimed Lost in Translation, I still thought that she did a really good job.

The person that was most impressive was Dennis Quaid. I've never really thought too highly of him as an actor (mostly I thought of him as the guy that Meg Ryan dumped for Russell Crowe), but that break-up has turned out pretty well for him. Meg is getting botox and starring in bad movies while he is enjoying a renewal in his career.

What I liked most about the movie was that it seemed real and personal. We can't really expect less from Chris and Paul Weitz...the writer/director brothers who brought us last year's About a Boy (Hugh Grant at his all-time best) and American Pie (despite its crudeness, American Pie was one of the best teen movies of the last 20 years). They bring life to the characters and tell a story that you might have heard somewhere.

Overall, I really liked it. There are those who will lament the ending (including some that I went with) but I thought it fit perfectly.

IMDb rating >> 8 out of 10

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