Tuesday, September 27, 2005


That Chiefs game last night sucked.

Here are the non-Chiefs I am blaming for the loss:
  1. The Rock (why the Denver jersey?)
  2. Geena Davis (I never really liked her anyway)
  3. My buddy's new baby (before he was born, the Chiefs were undefeated...think about THAT)*
  4. The guys that tried to carjack someone from my office yesterday, but were foiled by a stick shift (stupid criminals)
  5. Ron Burgundy (he lent his nasty look to Jake Plummer)
  6. Bradley Cooper (for leaving his Alias character of Will behind to be on a new show, which is pretty good)
*OK...not really, he's super cute.


weasbri said...

Tell me about it. I thought they were an easy bet to cover the 3 points. Cost me money, the jerks.
On the plus side, Since they were behind the whole game, Priest Holmes didn't get many points against me in my fantasy football league. But that's not for money. :-(

bgunner said...

But Geena Davis' new tv show is very good!