Saturday, September 24, 2005

hosting officially switched

iPaska is evil.

We will no longer be hosting or at iPaska. Apparently, they are run by an evil man who is now being investigated for tax evasion. Plus, the sites have been down for 2 days (NOT ACCEPTABLE). We have officially switched over to TextDrive and I am pretty excited about it. Not only is our plan comprehensive, but it also supports some of the most highly regarded web developers out there.

TextDrive was created by the guy who developed TextPattern, a commonly used CMS. Many other members of the company are considered the web's elite, including the developers of such projects as Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, and Basecamp.

I'm excited about the new host (although I'm a little bummed about the whole "out more money than I should be" thing) and I will keep everyone updated when I get up and running.

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travis said...

Textdrive is amazing. A few months ago when I was looking for a new host, I wanted so badly to host at Textdrive but they weren't accepting new clients. Oh well. I am happy with my host,