Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It was cold, but it was worth it...

I got to go to the Chiefs game on Sunday.

The later start meant that the game would end in the dark and with a forecast of...well...COLD, I bundled up, excited for the game.

And what a game. It started off badly, with Denver scoring on its second play from scrimmage. However, the Chiefs battled all game and Jake "the Snake" Plummer turned into his old self and managed to hook up with two different Chiefs for interceptions at key times during the game, one particularly in the endzone to Patrick Surtain.

During the game, I looked up to the jumbotron and read the words:
"Arrowhead is not what it once was. It has lost its mystique."
-Steve Young, NFL Countdown, December 4, 2005

I've been to plenty of Chiefs games in my life to know that something like that is plenty to motivate the fans to bring the thunder. And that's what it felt like. It was so loud, everyone was yelling. And I lost my voice by the second quarter.

Young, you need to shut up. You haven't been back to Arrowhead since you got rocked there the last time. How about the Arrowhead mystique on Denver's 4th-and-2 play where the Chiefs needed replay to have the refs get it right (everyone in the stadium could tell he was short).

Sadly, however, I lost my cell phone in the parking lot and I think it got run over, so if you try to call me, you'll get a weird message...hopefully, I can fix that today.


Anonymous said...

Did everyone in the stadium see Tony G holding on every play that he was given the "blocking" task? You might ask yourself why Larry always ran to his side.

That's the sort of thing, happening during a game, which might cause Chef fans to go ballistic, if it happens to Chefs.

But since, as Larry J will remind you, you're a bunch of old, dumb Republicans, I expect nothing less.

Enjoy watching Denver in the playoffs (again)!

Sean said...

In my opinion, there was not enough evidence to overturn the ruling on the field -- short or not, the ruling on the field was a first-down and that should have stuck.

Between that and the bogus personal foul against John Lynch I think the Chiefs got away with a lucky one. It was a shootout that only ended with KC on top based on errors, not on the play of the teams.

This from a die-hard Bronco fan. ;)

Brett said...

You bronco fans can kiss my fat white @$$. Keep crying you little sissies. You lost because your sissy running back couldn't gain a yard. Evidence or not, he was short like Mike Shanasissy and you know it. EAT IT!!!

ishane said...


What Brett said!