Monday, December 05, 2005

Joey's Pizza?

No, not a Friends reference.

It's a reference to another one of my favorite shows, which is unfortunately getting cancelled after the end of this season. Since my friend Sarah introduced us to Alias midway through Season 2, we haven't missed an episode of this show.


With the onset of the season, it was obvious that Alias had lost some of its sheen...Sydney was pregnant, Vaughn's gone, Irina is nowhere to be found and we now have 2 new agents doing all the work (who aren't bad, it's just different).

Why couldn't they bring back WILL?

Oh yeah, that's because he had his own show to get cancelled before it even got a chance. I'll be totally honest, I'm a big fan of Bradley Cooper (particularly after his hilarious turn in Wedding Crashers this summer), so I really wanted this show to succeed. Fox didn't really give it a great chance, especially since it was off the schedule forever because of the stupid World Series.

TV is getting better. Less reality shows is always good. And there are some great new shows this season. Lost continues to be awesome. The Office is SO FUNNY. Scrubs is coming back. How I Met Your Mother is a hilarious new show. So we have that going for us.

But still. I will miss Alias. And I hope that the rumors aren't true. I hope that Fox can find room on its schedule for Kitchen Confidential.

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