Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Up in the air?

I went to bed last night before the precincts on the west coast had been reported. It was becoming increasingly evident to me as I watched the Fox News Channel last night that there were several states that would not have it together by morning, so I felt confident in my decision to go to bed.

I was right.

However, this morning, we seem much closer to a decision than we did 4 years ago at this time. With Ohio called for the President, he only needs one of 4 outstanding states to get over the 270 electoral college votes. Not only that, but the President has won the first complete majority of the vote since 1988. Up almost 4 million votes nationwide, I predict that we'll see this thing over by the end of the day.

Kerry will likely concede today around 10am. The Bush campaign is declaring victory. One thing is for sure. Over 117 million people in the US voted this year, more than any other election. That is a good thing. I applaud all of the voter registration drives that have gone on this election.

And I have to say, I am breathing easier this morning than I was yesterday. Exit polls (which are crap, by the way) indicated a big win for Kerry. My opinion on that? Another way the liberal media was attempting to take over this election.

But this is America. Anything can happen. We'll watch and see.


weasbri said...

I'm not sure how exit polling is the liberal media's fault, as Fox News was reporting the exact same stuff. But I do agree that it's crap. They trust people to tell the truth, as well as trusting that they have a true random sampling of voters. It now seems that maybe Democrats are more willing to talk to exit pollsters?

Since Kerry doesn't seem to want to do it, let me be the first to concede the election to Bush. There's no way he doesn't have Ohio wrapped up. Here's hoping he doesn't do anything REALLY stupid in the next four years.

ishane said...

I'm just bitter about the liberal media. The day before the election, the headline on USA Today front page said "Swing States Lean Toward Kerry" when we know now that most definitely was not the case. Ohio was one of the largest causes for concern to the President's campaign and they won it by over 100,000 votes (200 times the difference in Florida in 2000).

I'm looking forward most to the tax code reform. I hope that works out.