Tuesday, November 30, 2004


2004 has gone fast. I can’t believe that there is snow on the ground already and Christmas is right around the corner. Winter is by far my favorite time of year.

I do, however, try to keep a consistent schedule of how I celebrate this time of year. All while I was growing up, my family never set up our tree before Thanksgiving (a tradition I had to break this year because of the busyness of this particular season). The day after Turkey Day (or Leftover Turkey Day), we would drag the artificial pine out of storage and decorate it, signifying the beginning of the holiday season in our household.

Each year, it seems like people are celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier. This October, I was at Target picking something up (I don’t remember what, but it could have been ANYTHING…you can get EVERYTHING at Target) and I saw – right next to the Halloween stuff – Christmas stuff.

In October.
Before Halloween.
That’s a little ridiculous.

I know that these companies are trying to make a buck and all, but it seems like eventually, we’ll start celebrating only 2 holidays…Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Those are the two largest money-makers for retailers. Those will be the holidays that they force us to celebrate.

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