Wednesday, November 30, 2005

WITFV30: This Exercise

This last day of November, I'm really thankful for the thankfulness project (thanks, Rachel!). I have really enjoyed thinking about all of the things that I'm thankful for in my life. It's been a good experience this month, forcing myself to post every day (although they may not have been released exactly on the day)

It was fun though...and it was the most regular posting that I have done on here in a really long time. As a review, here's the stuff I was thankful for this month:

Free Stuff, Days Off, Alli, My Company, Chili, Burritos, My Computer, DVR, Fall, TV Shows on DVD, My Music and my iPod, My Dog, Technology, Our House, JJ Abrams, Good Books, My Friends, My Family, "Friends" (the TV Show), The Chiefs, Freedom, My Church, Thanksgiving, Lazy Days, My Camera, Life, My City, and Alli (Take 2).

So the project is over...Alli had the idea to maybe do something for the month of December where I reviewed a new Christmas movie every day...I like the idea, I don't know if I could watch and post every day. Might be kind of difficult. I haven't decided if I'll give it a shot yet or not, but keep your eye on here...there's a possibility I might move this site soon. Stay tuned.

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