Thursday, November 10, 2005

WITFV10: TV Shows on DVD

This is something that is pretty inane to be thankful for, but let me tell you something: I never would have gotten into (nor would I have gotten Alli into) That '70s Show. But my brother bought Season One and Two and Alli and I have been working our way through them, episode by hilarious episode.

We actually own all 9 seasons of Friends that have been released thus far. And we own Seasons 1-3 of Alias (still haven't gotten Season 4 yet...trying to figure out when to make that purchase).

It's just that it is such a great way to watch TV...lots of episodes at a time, so if you have shows that have continuing storylines (like Alias), you aren't lost (by the way, how good is THAT show?).

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