Wednesday, November 16, 2005

WITFV16: JJ Abrams

Seriously, is there a better television show creator out there?

The networks are littered with derivative cop and lawyer shows (how many different CSI's and Law & Order's do we need?) save my two favorite shows on TV, LOST and Alias. The constant between the two shows: creator, Mr. J.J. Abrams.

Previously known only for his creation of the dramedy, Felicity, Abrams has been all over the news lately with the runaway success of Lost, which was easily last year's best show (others might argue that Desperate Housewives could vie for that title, but this is my blog). I was a big fan of Mr. Abrams when I was introduced to the show Alias a few years back. He has great vision for plot lines along long story arcs (did you know that Lost was originally pitched as an eight-year show?) and what makes his shows great is not their creepiness (Lost's numbers or Alias's creepy 500-year-old Italian prophets), but his ability to make all of his characters interesting. They have a realness (even if the actors playing them don't...cough cough Michelle Rodriguez.. cough cough) and the dialogue is so natural that even though the liklihood of there being a crazy creepy hatch on a deserted island, you believe that the characters are real and that is how they would respond in that situation.

The same goes for Alias. Now, obviously, I don't know much about covert operations of the CIA (they wouldn't be that covert if I did, would they?), but, I imagine that Sydney Bristow is an extremely believable character, even if some of the stuff that happens to her is ridiculous (season finale last year, hellOOOOO). I'm actually really looking forward to his take on Mission Impossible 3. I don't envy him for having to work with the Crazy Couch Jumper, but I am looking forward to the movie.

Most importantly, I think that the emergence of shows like Lost has allowed decent SCRIPTED shows to return to prominence on our TV screens. I do love The Apprentice, but reality TV in general is pretty tired. For that, I am eternally thankful.

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