Monday, October 25, 2004

Consider my vote...CAST

Since I will be off next week in New Orleans at Macromedia Max, I had to make sure I voted early. In Kansas, the polls have been open for most of the month of October, and this is the last week to go vote early in person.

So today, Alli and I went to the Election Office and cast our votes. doesn't matter too much. Kansas has been decided for a long while (I think I read somewhere that KS has not gone Democratic in 50-some years), but the races for Senate and Congress are very close and we also had a vote to cast regarding a bi-state tax that would bring in money for the arts, as well as for improvements to Kaufmann and Arrowhead Stadiums. Not that those sports arenas really need the money, but the arts does here in Kansas City so I decided to go ahead and vote yes on Question 1.

If you need some help getting in the mood to vote, I suggest you check this out. It's not JibJab, but it's pretty funny.

I beg of you. Please vote next Tuesday. If you don't know who to vote for, my suggestion is to vote for Bush. Just vote though. Or Puff Daddy will come and get you.

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Anonymous said...

And the bag remains over the head...Enjoy the convention.