Friday, October 01, 2004

Firefocks Rocks

I have to say, I used to think that my friend Kevin was crazy. I never understood the whole "other browser" idea until about 2 months ago. I've always been an IE guy (*GASP*) and I've been exposed to Safari through my recent home conversion to a Mac, but I never really got on board with all the other browsers. Couple reasons:
  1. There are too many choices. How is one to differentiate?
  2. IE is built in and isn't completely horrible. Why hassle with switching?
  3. I don't like ads, but I also don't want to pay for my browser (see: Opera).
  4. Did I mention that I'm lazy? If not, I'm lazy.
  5. I have having to move bookmarks, cookies, etc.
However, my friend Kevin (of fame) introduced me to a little browser called Firefox recently. He had spoken of it before, but when I saw that little number after the release (I believe it was 0.87 at the time), I immediately turned it off. While I like being an early adopter of new technology and stuff...I like to at least know that it works.

Well, Mozilla's new preview release of Firefox works. And, it's totally sweet. Not only is it fast and does it have tabbed browsing (which is awesome...totally new to I said...IE guy), but it also has a built in RSS Feed parser so you can subscribe to sites that have an RSS feed and read them without actually going to the site, which is, by definition, awesome. You can browse the headlines of your favorite blogs, news sites, etc. and pick and choose the actual stories you want to read (not that you would skim on this site, considering it is totally sweet).

Not only that, but it will also import all of your existing IE data, including your bookmarks and all of your cookies and stuff, which is great, overcoming the above listed #4 and #5.

That being said...if you are in an office environment like me, IE has engorged itself so much into so many things that it becomes really difficult to permanently make the switch. But I'm trying...