Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Drawback of Being a Gadget Guy

I consider myself a gadget geek. I love gadgets and I always want to have the latest and greatest stuff.

There are 2 major drawbacks about this:

  1. I don't have the fundage (nor the need) that necessitates me buying all of the fun gadgets that I want. So I must be very VERY picky when selecting gadgets.
  2. New gadgets are often outdated within 6 months, just when you get used to your gadget. Case in point, my 20gb iPod. Now, I have a 1st generation iPod, which I absolutely love. I love All Things Apple these days and the iPod is really what rocks most. That being said, they just released this tasty treat - the iPod Photo - a full-color iPod in 40gb and 60gb versions that allows you to store your photos (really cool when you add the media reader that Belkin makes for it).
This is particularly significant to me because I have a Canon Digital Rebel that I love taking pictures with and it would be awesome to have an iPod to store them on. There's no way I could use up 60gb of music (I have about 30gb total), but think of the awesomeness that you could accomplish with this on a vacation...that would be totally sweet.

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