Monday, October 11, 2004

What a Wild Weekend...

First, much props to my Kansas Jayhawks for ending their 11-year losing streak in football to K-State on Saturday night. I was supposed to be at that game, but did not go because I needed to pick up Alli at the airport.

Friday night we had a surprise birthday party for one of my best friends, which ended up not being a surprise because my friend...the one who is always late...was on time...and we were all late. It was still fun. Played poker until 3:30 (that's when I left...talked to them later and they played until 6:15).

Church meeting on Saturday morning (came EARLY), and then a shower for some friends, then picked up Alli at the airport. Instead of taking her home, we ended up driving her mom back to her house because she now has pneumonia unfortunately. Her body seemingly shut down after she knew her dad was OK.

Got home last night, watched some more of Alias: Season Three and went to bed early.

Can I just say...I'm so glad that Alli made it home.

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