Monday, October 04, 2004

Top 5 List: Favorite Candy

From time to time, I'm going to post my top 5 of random things as they come to me. I'm a big fan of lists in general and I thought I would pass along (in honor of the Halloween month) my top 5 favorite candies.

  1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  2. Peanut M&Ms
  3. Skittles
  4. Starburst (or is it Starbursts?)
  5. Sweettarts Jelly Beans (these are a rarity...usually only coming out for Easter, but they are genius)


Jeremy L Graybill said...

1T. Almond Roca (get it at Costco...mmmmmmmmm)
1T. Belgian Chocolate...any Euro chocolate in fact.
2. Heath Bites (nice one Brett)
3. Almond Kisses
4. Caramel Kisses
5. Almond Joy

Mike D said...
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Mike D said...

This must not have worked, I am an idiot so that is no surprise.

1) Dove Chocolate
2) Snickers
3) Twix
4) Kit Kat
5) Toblerone or Kinder Eggs(for you Graybill)

Miranda said...

1) coffee crisp
2) kit kats
3) wonderbars
4) licorice (goodies, twizzlers, the good dutch stuff)
5) twix

Anonymous said...

1. Yellow Starburst
2. Yellow LaffyTaffy
3. Yellow Skittles
4. Yellow M&Ms
5. Yellow Snow

Kaycee said...

1. Almond Roca
2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
3. Junior Mints
4. Reese's Fast Break
5. Mars w/ Almonds

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, first of all your comments about Chipotle and Qdoba are just absurd. You obviously know nothing about good food. I don't care about queso dip and neither does Chipotle. Chipotle doesn't have it because it completely goes against their philosophy on freshness. They thrive on the concept of freshness and you simply can't keep queso dip fresh. Plus you won't find any microwaves or crockpots in Chipotle because it is tacky and ugly. It's all about Chipotle. And Stowell, I don't want to here anything about Baja Fresh, because we all know that place is a joke. Plus the checkered floors just freak me out. As far as my list of top 5 favorite candies go, here they are:

1. Sweetart Jelly Beans
2. Starburst Suckers
3. Starburst Twizzlers
4. Laffy Taffy
5. Mambas

Anonymous said...

Here's mine:
1. Almond Joy.
2. Hershey's Golden Almond.
3. Starburt Jellybeans.
4. Russell Stover Low Carb Almonds.
5. My Mom's Cream Candy with Pecans. I haven't had this for probably 25 years but I still remember how good it was.

Beth said...

So Shane, are you trying to give me a hint of what candy to get for you perimeter park guys???

ishane said...

Funny you should say that Beth. Actually, that's just what made me think of the question.