Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rain, Rain Go Away

I want to leave work.

Problem is, my car is parked way over there, and I'm in here. It's pouring, like it has been all day and I really want some Chipotle, but this genius didn't wear shoes (flip-flops, while awesome, don't get much traction or support when running in the rain).

So, I'm here listening to the sound of the rain as it pounds on the ceiling of the makeshift office (which is actually a warehouse) that has become the home to our design and marketing team. I like it. Very industrial and tons of space. The rain is loud, but I really like to hear it...what a great sound!

As he types his message complaining about the rain, he realizes that sitting by the door across from him is his umbrella that he brought in this morning.

He smacks his forehead and rushes off for some tasty Chipotle goodness...

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tescosuicide said...

So metro, who's flip flops are you wearing? Diesel? Cole Haan? Nice site.