Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Vice-Presidential Sparks Fly

Grumpy and mean?

Dick Cheney is a sweetheart. OK...maybe not so much, but I thought that "Grumpy and Mean" was a really inappropriate way to describe the way that he acted in tonight's vice presidential debate. But that's exactly how the Kerry-Edwards campaign manager classified him. Cheney was seemingly on the defensive all night (Edwards mentioned Halliburton after less than 20 minutes of actual debate). The truth about Cheney's Halliburton ties (which really absolve him of any implications that Kerry and Edwards would like to pin on him).

It was a pretty spirited debate. Prior to the debate, I thought that Cheney would stomp Edwards, given his lack of experience, but I forgot that Edwards used to be a trial lawyer and he did a great job. It was a relatively even debate. One thing that stood out was that Cheney finally brought John Kerry's 20 year record to the forefront...and it's lousy. I thought that the data that he had on Edwards missing all his votes was really funny too. Still, Cheney is a stain on the Bush administration. What I wouldn't give for a Bush-McCain ticket this year...

(I keep trying to finish this post, but Austin Powers 2 is on and now I'm watching an old Saturday Night Live and they are doing the Jimmy Fallon/Horatio Sanz "Leather Man" skit...so funny, but Jimmy Fallon canNOT do a single sketch without laughing... "CHOO CHOO! AAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!")

I call this debate for Bush-MCCAIN!!! Because for some reason, John Kerry's record in the Senate is only being examined on talk radio and in the blogosphere...not necessarily in the mainstream media (surprise...surprise....).

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Phat said...

Cheney may not be the monster the left makes him out to be. But his continued distortions on the war, the Iraq-Al Queda links in particular, are undermining the Administration's credibility with the American people. This has been one of the most secretive, political White House since Nixon's days. In fact, Nixon was better. At least he knew when to resign.